A. Obituaries from The Commercial Record

You can also read obituaries from between 1868 and 1977 in the context of a Commercial Record page. Open an image from one of the pages listed above and look at the browser address bar. For example, with the image named “cr1869052203EugeneDickey.jpg”, 1869 is the year, 05 is the month of May, 22 is the date, and 03 is the page. Go to www.commercialrecord.org, find the May 22 1869 issue, and navigate to page 3.

B. Obituaries from Other Sources

This monumental collection was originally created in 2008 by Chris Yoder, and Dick Haight developed software to display the scans on the old History Center website. Chris Clark cleaned up the index and created pages for the new website in 2023. 

The effort to provide searchable access to The Commercial Record continues.

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