silhouettes of women's heads in various bright colors to symbolize the diversity of women's lives

Highlighting the Lives and Accomplishments of Notable Women from our Area

This exhibition highlights the lives and accomplishments of seventeen women who made an impact on the Saugatuck-Douglas area. A team of over a dozen women researched, curated, and designed the exhibit. The highlighted women lived over a span of nearly two centuries and were involved in the arts, education, business, political activism, social organizations, philanthropy, and athletics. One of the featured women is Patty Birkholz, a Michigan legislator and environmentalist.
A view of the exhibition at the center

A companion exhibition at the Ox-Bow House, “She Started It: Women Artists at Ox-Bow”, features contemporary and historic artists with roots at the school, where women have a long history of leading, teaching, studying, and contributing. The artists include Elsa Ulbricht, Elizabeth “Betsy” Rupprecht, Ellen Lanyon, Ashley M. Freeby, Claire Arctander, Alice Williams Bogart, and Michiko Itatani.

The Girls Waiting, a painting by Elsa Ulbricht