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Start in the parking area on Main Street by Beery Field. View this page on your phone. Tap the blue arrow on the map to read or hear an introduction. Follow the route marked in red, in either direction. (additional instructions below map)

This is an outdoor tour; please stay off private property and do not approach the occupants.

General instructions
  • Tap an icon to open a description.
    • Scroll through and read
      OR Use the play button to listen.
    • Tapping an image or a red hyperlink opens a new window; close it to return.
    • X at the top right closes the description.
  • Buttons below the map hide or show sets of icons (grey = hidden).
Map controls
  • Tap + or – to zoom in or out
  • Use TWO fingers to move map
  • Icon at top right = enter/exit full-screen
  • Map or Satellite = change background